When you sign up for Tumblr, it can be a little overwhelming. What is Tumblr and how does Tumblr work? What do you do on Tumblr and how do you post on Tumblr? We’ll answer all those questions and more in this article explaining how to use Tumblr. Here are the most useful Tumblr tips that all new users need to know. Tumblr launched in It is best described as a micro-blogging site which feels like a mix of Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook. Users can post text, images, videos, audio, and links. If you follow the blogs of other users, you’ll see the content they post in your own feed. The content on Tumblr is enormously varied.

How to Create a Text Post for Your Tumblr Blog

Posted on April 8, in Industry by Emily E. Let me reiterate that. Tumblr is weird and it knows that it is weird. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows you to share text, photos, quotes, links, chats, audio, and video. The Tumblr community is the epitome of internet culture—post whatever you want, find whatever you want.

Here are the most useful Tumblr tips you need to know, including other blogs on Tumblr without actively developing your own page. Click on the icon, and you’ll be given the choice of either creating a text post, a photo, a quote, a link, Tumblr even shows the date that the blogs you follow were last.

The micro-blogging platform Tumblr is used by artists, photographers and others in a number of ways. Some use the site as a portfolio while others use it as just another blog format. Some businesses even use Tumblr blogs as promotional pieces and components of viral advertising campaigns. Unlike most blogging platforms, Tumblr posts don’t display the date of a post.

Fortunately, Tumblr allows you to customize your Tumblr blogs in a number of ways; you can even add post dates if you wish by modifying the HTML code of your Tumblr theme. Log in to your Tumblr account. Click the “Customize” option on the Tumblr Dashboard to access the customization options for your Tumblr blog. A writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience, he has written both articles and poetry for publication in magazines and online.

A former nationally ranked sport fencer, Gerard also spent several years as a fencing coach and trainer.

Yahoo buying Tumblr for $1.1 billion, vows not to screw it up

Tumblr is a social blogging platform that allows users to upload multimedia posts, follow other users, and engage in communities without some of the constraints found on Twitter or Facebook. As a platform, Tumblr has been growing rapidly, and some retailers are now using the service as part of their social media marketing efforts. While there is certainly no shortage of social media sites that retailers can post to, there are five good reasons to invest resources in Tumblr. Tumblr allows users to post several kinds of content, including text, chat messages, quotes, links, photographs, videos, and audio files.

This ability to include a lot of rich media has been particularly helpful for some retailers. In that vein, it seems like a really great platform for us to get our voice out there, not just as tweets and text, but through images and color, which is the DNA of the brand.

Yahoo Inc will buy blogging service Tumblr for $ billion cash, giving the Internet pioneer a “Per the agreement and our promise not to screw it up, Tumblr will be independently operated as a “Ten times is what you pay to date the belle of the ball. All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes.

Pop quiz: what is the favorite social networking site of Americans under age 25? If you guessed Facebook you are way behind the eight-ball, because Tumblr now enjoys more regular visits from the youth of America. So I delved deeper; this article describes what I discovered while exploring the Tumblr network. What are the young and restless doing on Tumblr all day?

The answer is more complicated than it first appears and speaks to the continuing importance of the public web in the era of the walled garden. For a long time, I thought of Tumblr as topic-based image blogging: In other words, self-expression through collecting pictures of a particular type of thing. Or rather, some of these Tumblrs are necessary for the system to work but, surprisingly, only a small percentage of them. What is the No.

This has been true of every blogging platform ever made. Conversely, blogs that do find an audience tend to keep adding that type of content. Tumblr provides its users with the oldest privacy-control strategy on the Internet: security through obscurity and multiple pseudonymity. Its users prefer a coarse-grained scheme they can easily understand over a sophisticated fine-grained privacy control — such as Facebook provides — that requires a lot of time and patience.

This Real Talk Tumblr Post Is For Anyone Who Has Been Guilted For Not Dating Someone

The deal, announced on Monday, is a bold bet by Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer to revitalize the company by co-opting a Web property with strong visitor traffic but little revenue. The combination of Yahoo and Tumblr creates an online powerhouse with roughly one billion users, which will draw in more advertisers and help Yahoo keep visitors on its properties for longer periods of time, Mayer told Reuters in an interview.

Yahoo made clear it was sensitive to concerns that it might damage Tumblr by making it less irreverent or more corporate. While Tumblr is certainly popular – it has tens of millions of monthly unique visitors in the U. The privately held company, based in Manhattan, does not disclose its financial results.

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Top definition. Tumblr Girl. A teenage white girl who likes to post depressing selfies and put a quote that’s supposed to be inspirational and inspire people and make them either: A.

Tumblr is a popular platform for short-form microblogging, allowing users to share (The user name does not have to be the same as the blog’s title, by the way.) Tumblr guides the blogging process with icons for text, photo, quotes, links, chat, and then click “post” at the end (or, queue it, or set it to run on a specific date).

Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. Tumblr appears to have a younger user demographic in comparison with other social networks. To register for a Tumblr blog, you must be over thirteen years of age. The Tumblr ethos is to encourage users to create their own content and to interact with other like-minded souls. Teens are embracing it; they use it to follow their interests and express themselves. Tumblr users will tell you, it allows for more creative expression than the other big social networking sites.

Tumblr Is Not What You Think

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Tumblr allows you to create blog posts by using text, photos, quotes, links, chat Tumblr uses a WYSIWG (what you see is what you get) interface, which list to save your post without publishing it or to set a date in the future to launch it.

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that churns out millions of posts on a daily basis. There are currently Tumblr could be useful to you for many reasons, depending on what you’re looking to get out of it, for example, inspiration, scrapbooking, communication or a portfolio. The site is a mix of bloggers, brands and tastemakers. But to keep it simple, there are essentially two types of bloggers on Tumblr: those who create original content and those who curate, or re-blog posts.

Depending on how you want to utilize the platform, this guide will help you move from a Tumblr novice to power blogger. Tumblr registration is simple: You only need an email address, password and username. However, considering the amount of existing blogs on Tumblr, it’s possible that you won’t get your first choice of username.

Post To Tumblr

Posted on October 11, by robynochs. We celebrate and affirm the diversity of identity and expression regardless of labels. Individuals may experience this attraction in differing ways and degrees over their lifetime. Words change meaning. Prefixes change meanings.

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Are you wondering if Tumblr could help your business? Tumblr is a blogging and social platform that houses more than million blogs and is among the top 15 websites in the United States. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. According to Quantcast , Tumblr received over 5. Signing up is easy and can be done in minutes. Enter your email, choose a password and select a username.

Try to get an exact match for your brand name or primary website URL. Consider using the same avatar image on your Tumblr page that you use on your Facebook Page, Twitter account and other social media channels. First impressions matter. To build a solid brand presence on Tumblr, ensure you make a good impression and select a catchy design for your page. Choose from one-, two- and three-column or grid-style layouts and find a design that matches your image.

Browse the available themes , select one that fits your business and install it in seconds.

5 Good Reasons to Use Tumblr

Tumblr allows you to create blog posts by using text, photos, quotes, links, chat excerpts, audio files, and video. Create a quick text post in your Tumblr blog by following these steps:. Tumblr, like most blog software, gives you the ability to format your blog post while you create it.

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We understand the tremendous challenges the Coronavirus pandemic is causing for people and small businesses across the world. Please provide specific details regarding your issue or request, such as:. To learn more about Squarespace Select, our premium plan for dedicated site support, visit this Help guide. If you still have questions about the Select plan, complete the fields below to send us a message. If you’re moving to Squarespace from WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr, you can import content by following this guide.

You’ll need a site to import your content to first. Visit squarespace. Your WordPress content may import as multiple pages, depending on how your WordPress site is set up. Squarespace imports all of your:. Some information from WordPress will import, but won’t match with how it works in WordPress. For example:. This option is best for very simple WordPress.

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